Weddings are an important moment in a person’s life. That’s why our affordable wedding video packages are fully customisable, so you can capture your special day exactly the way you want.


We cover everything from all day trade shows to corporate parties, ensuring you get the most from your events. We have a range of options available, as well as custom plans and available options to make sure your needs are met.

real estate

Video is on the cutting edge of Real Estate technology. By allowing potential buyers to get a virtual tour of a property, video can save you time and money with prospective buyers, as well as filtering out clients that aren’t interested. On top of that, video allows you to promote listings on social media and other platforms, further increasing interest and sales.


Golden Point Films is committed to meeting your needs and maximizing your budget.


We allow full customization of our packages in order to meet that commitment and are extremely flexible with our services. 

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Our mission at Golden Point Films is capturing memorable moments with creativity, imagination, and originality.

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