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Further your program potential through a School-Based News Studio and video equipment for events & broadcasting.

Enrich your student's engagement today!

Want to create a weekly news broadcast?

Want a dedicated News Studio for your school or business?

Look no further than GPS!

News broadcasts help strengthen your core values and creates another sense of community. A sense of community not only by informing your cohorts but also within the news production crews!

Have a look below at the different options and contact us for a customised quote!

Equipment | Studios | Training & Set-Up


We believe that every school is different - the number of students, the required News Program equipment and even the school's budget.

That's why we've broken down essentials. Contact us today for a free customised quote!

Camera - are you filming just a News Segment or Events as well?

Contact GPS today.

We'd also recommend


A dedicated studio will help organise your News Segments & Media Program but also will engage students further as they will have their own space to call theirs.

See below for 2 Studio options - or contact us if you'd like a custom quote or design planned!

Contact GPS today.

The Backdrop

1 x Muslin Backdrop - 3x3m (Green, White, etc.)

6 x Rectangle Softbox Lights

12 x Sandbags & Filler​

This setup is great if you would like to have a plain background or have limited space.

Estimated Total Cost


Contact GPS for a custom quote.

The Set

A custom set is fantastic for keeping your audiences engaged, we can personalise the furniture to suit your school design but for a basic set up see below.​

News Anchor Desk

1 x Sitting Desk

2 x Office Chairs

Interview Setup

1 x Coffee Table 

3 x Arm Chair with Cushions

Add in Lighting, Decorations, Accessories + $

Estimated Total Cost


Contact GPS for a custom quote.

Training & Set-Up

Need training for your new equipment? Not sure how to set it up?

Golden Point Schools can help you along the way!


Depending on your equipment and program requirements, you will be trained in everything - from how to light a subject to how to find applicants. Includes unlimited access to hundreds of videos.



It's all great until something goes wrong, who will you turn too? Do you have any questions? Receive 1 free hour of calls, after that my help is a set rate per hour, including all callouts.

$40 per hour


Don't have the time, resources, or knowledge on how to set-up your studio & equipment? I can organise your studio from boxes to film-ready. For as low as...

$40 per hour


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