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Empower young students with their creative abilities through student-run Media Programs for Schools. Students become part of a structured program with students using their skills in creative roles from videographers & photographers to Directors & Head of Program.


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GPF's aim is to empower young students with their creative abilities through student-run Media Programs for Schools.

GPF's mission is to allow as many students as possible to have a creative outlet where students are really building upon their skills and mentoring their fellow cohorts.

I believe that the Media Programs run on 3 core values - Respect, Co-operation & Excellence.


School Media Programs engage creative, leadership-driven students. Allowing an outlet where students are free to express their skills and build upon a team environment.

It not only builds culture within student cohorts but also allows constant communication between students, staff, parents, and the wider community.


Students capture photographs and create films of events in which your school is able to showcase these to families who potentially want to enrol their students, but also displaying what is happening at school to current parents.

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We've done all the hard work, we've created all the resources you need.

We know what works and what doesn't work.


We know School Media Programs - and we're the one pioneering the future of School Communication.

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Case Study

"Our students love the Media Program, they feel even more connected with not only their cohorts but also the wider community!"

Phoenix College contacted us asking for help creating a Media Program for their students,  they wanted to engage their students further not only within cohorts but also with the greater community. They had a Weekly News before but it just wasn't engaging students enough to watch. That's where I help!

I created a customised quote for Phoenix College. Outlining the process and began the Application process within the school system, from there on the Phoenix Media Program was created and a team was built. The students then completed all Golden Point Schools & production exercises to practice their skills. Within 1 Term Phoenix was creating Weekly News segments again.

20 Students Involved. 20 Students Enriched.

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Enrich your student's engagement today!

Why Sprint?

Golden Point Films' lead owner knows exactly what is needed to create such an engaging and lasting school media program.

Kirby created his first program when he was in Year 12 at his very own College. To date, the participants are still highly engaged and continue to represent the college through high-quality films and photos.

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