School Media Solutions

Enrich student skills through student-run Media Programs.

From Event coverage and highlight reels to weekly College News Programs - Sprint is here to help start the programs and keep them maintained!

Media Programs

Empower young students with their creative abilities through student-run Media Programs for Schools. Students become part of a structured program with students using their skills in creative roles from videographers & photographers to Directors & Head of Program.

Enrich your student's engagement today!

News Studios & Equipment

Further your program potential through a School-Based News Studio and video equipment for events & broadcasting. Students are more engaged with the running & maintenance of the studio, productions & equipment.

Why Sprint?

Sprint Media Solution's lead owner knows exactly what is needed to create such an engaging and lasting school media program.

Kirby created his first program when he was in Year 12 at his very own College. To date, the participants are still highly engaged and continue to represent the college through high-quality films and photos.

This could be your school today!

Enrich your student's engagement today!


Our mission at Golden Point Films is capturing memorable moments with creativity, imagination, and originality.

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