In the 21st century video is one of the most engaging forms of media.

We begin pre-production analysing your social media analytics and start curating an amazing plan to pinpoint content for your target audience. We then begin production using our 4K cameras and professional equipment, capturing all of the pre-determined scenes. And lastly the editing process - piecing all this footage together to create a final masterpiece for you to review and share.


Your business or personal story needs to be heard by your customers & clients. By displaying your story on your website or social media, visitors will develop an instant connection promoting sales and future clients. Increasing your return of investment.


For a 2.5 minute business story & 4 hours filming expect around




Whether you’re looking to create highly engaging ads for platforms like Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, or build brand authority in your local area, Golden Point Films can meet your needs.


Social media is an ever-expanding platform with more users each day. Using this and video - which also has a high reach - Golden Point Films can help provide social media content for you and your business. It's up to you what you would like to create. The possibilities are endless - from Testimonial's to Business Highlight Reels, such videos vary in price but can start from


For a 45 second testimonial & 2 hours filming expect around


Whether you would like to create a short promotional video about your new business expansion or even an upcoming sale, we can make it happen. Get in contact so we can cater a specific quote for you!


For a 30 second, easy cut video & 1 hour filming expect around



Let's get in contact & create a plan on how we we film you video!


Have a script professional written that complements your video.


Provide a script and we'll add a high-quality, professional voice over to your video!


We create your masterpiece - filming with our 4K cameras, and professional equipment!


We piece all of the footage together to suit your desired plan. 


Golden Point Films is committed to meeting your needs and maximizing your budget.


We allow full customization of our packages in order to meet that commitment and are extremely flexible with our services. 

Click the button below so we can get to work on a plan that's right for you.

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